FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

An absolute and a relative position are indicated in the programmed
Cartesian coordinate system. Machine position display
A machine position indication is provided in the machine coordinate
system where an actual movement is taking place according to an
inclination angle. However, when inch/metric conversion is performed,
a position is indicated which incorporates inch/metric conversion applied
to the results of inclination angle operation.
1 After inclined axis control parameter setting, be sure to
perform manual reference point return operation.
2 If bit 2 (AZK) of parameter No. 8200 has been set to 0, such
that manual reference position return along the angular axis
also causes movement along the perpendicular axis, once
manual reference position return has been performed along
the angular axis, also perform manual reference position
return along the perpendicular axis.
3 Once the tool has been moved along the angular axis with
perpendicular/angular axis control disable signal NOZAGC
set to 1, manual reference position return must be
4 Before attempting to manually move the tool along both the
angular and perpendicular axes simultaneously, set
perpendicular/angular axis control disable signal NOZAGC
to 1.
1 If an inclination angle close to 0° or ±90° is set, an error can
occur. A range from ±20° to ±60° should be used.
2 Before a perpendicular axis reference point return check
(G37) can be made, angular axis reference point return
operation must be completed.
3 For arbitrary angular axis control, if the same axis number
has been specified in both parameters No. 8211 and 8212,
or if a value outside the valid data range has been specified
for either parameter, the angular and perpendicular axes
will be as follows:
Angular axis: First axis
Perpendicular axis: Second axis
D Absolute and relative
position display
D Machine position display

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