FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

NOTE Tool number
The tool geometry data must be set for each tool number.
The tool number here refers to the offset number. When
both tool geometry offset and tool wear offset are used, the
tool number corresponds to the wear offset number. To use
two or more offset numbers for the same tool, the same data
for the tool must be set two or more times in the tool
geometry data.
A tool post interference check is made when all conditions listed below
are satisfied.
(1)Parameter IFE (No.8140#4) for enabling the tool post interference
check function is set to 0.
(2)After power is turned on, reference point return operation is completed
with all axes (X1,Z1, X2, Z2).(When an absolute–position detector is
used, the matching between a machine position and absolute–position
detector position must be completed.)
(3)Offset numbers other than 0 are specified using T codes for two tool
(4)When manual mode is used,parameter IFM( No.8140#3) for enabling
the tool post interference check function in manual mode is set to 1.
When all conditions for making a tool post interference check are
satisfied, the tool–post–interference–check–in–progress signal is
output to the PMC.
The tool post interference check function can be executed
only when the number of the tool actually selected agrees
with the programmed tool number.
The function cannot be executed correctly if the tool is
selected by a manual operation or if no tool selection
command is specified after power–on.
Conditions for Making
a Tool Post
Interference Check

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