FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

when all conditions described in Section 21.3.4 are satisfied, a tool post
interference check is started. When a tool post interference check is made,
an interference forbidden area is set for the two tool posts by using the tool
shape data corresponding to the currently selected tool numbers.
Then whether the areas interfere with each other is checked.
Tool post 1
Tool post 2
When interface forbidden areas (tool shapes) as indicated by dashed lines
are set for tool posts 1 and 2 as shown above, a check is made by
determining whether the two interference forbidden areas indicated by
dashed lines overlap each other after the movement of the tool posts.
If the two areas interfere with each other an P/S alarm (No. 508 or No. 509)
is raised;the two tool posts are decelerated and stopped.
If an interference alarm is raised, a tool post interference alarm signal is
output to the PMC.
If an interference alarm is raised by the interference of the two tool posts
during automatic operation, switch to manual mode to move the tool posts
out of the interference state. Then release the alarm by a reset.
The interference check function can be enabled even in manual mode by
setting the parameter (No. 8140#3) to 1. This allows the tool posts
interfering with each other to be moved along the axes only in such
directions that clear the interference. With this capability, the two tool
posts interfering with each other in automatic operation cannot be
manually moved by mistake further into the interference forbidden areas
after the mode is switched to manual mode to clear the interference, thus
providing safety.
Execution of Tool Post
Interference Checking

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