FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The previous explanation of how to execute and stop memory operation
also applies to MDI operation, except that in MDI operation, M30 does
not return control to the beginning of the program (M99 performs this
Programs prepared in the
MDI mode will be erased in the following cases:
D In MDI operation, if M02, M30 or ER(%) is executed.
(If bit 6 (MER) of parameter No. 3203 is set to 1, however, the program
is erased when execution of the last block of the program is completed
by single–block operation.)
D In
MEMORY mode, if memory operation is performed.
D In
EDIT mode, if any editing is performed.
D Background editing is performed.
D Upon reset when bit 7 (MCL) of parameter No. 3203 is set to 1
After the editing operation during the stop of MDI operation was done,
operation starts from the current cursor position.
A program can be edited during MDI operation. The editing of a program,
however, is disabled until the CNC is reset, when bit 5 (MIE) of parameter
No. 3203 is set accordingly.
Programs created in MDI mode cannot be registered.
A program can have as many lines as can fit on one page of the CRT
A program consisting of up to six lines can be created. When parameter
MDL (No. 3107 #7) is set to 0 to specify a mode that suppresses the
display of continuous–state information, a program of up to 10 lines can
be created.
If the created program exceeds the specified number of lines, % (ER) is
deleted (prevents insertion and modification).
Calls to subprograms (M98) can be specified in a program created in the
MDI mode. This means that a program registered in memory can be
called and executed during MDI operation. In addition to the main
program executed by automatic operation, up to two levels of subprogram
nesting are allowed (when the custom macro option is provided, up to four
levels are allowed).
Main program
One–level nesting Two–level nesting
M98P 1000;
O1000; O2000;
M98P M98P2000; 3000;
M99; M99;
Fig. 4.2(a)Nesting Level of Subprograms Called from the MDI Program
D Erasing the program
D Restart
D Editing a program during
MDI operation
D Program registration
D Number of lines in a
D Subprogram nesting

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