FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

< Example 2 >
CNC Program Number of blocks
O 0001 ;
G90 G92 X0 Y0 Z0 ;
G90 G00 Z100. ;
G81 X100. Y0. Z–120. R–80. F50. ;
#1 = #1 + 1 ;
#2 = #2 + 1 ;
#3 = #3 + 1 ;
G00 X0 Z0 ;
M30 ;
Macro statements are not counted as blocks.
The block number is held in memory while no power is supplied. The
number can be cleared by cycle start in the reset state.
The program screen usually displays the number of the block currently
being executed. When the execution of a block is completed, the CNC
is reset, or the program is executed in single–block stop mode, the
program screen displays the number of the program that was executed
most recently.
When a CNC program is halted or stopped by feed hold, reset, or
single–block stop, the following block numbers are displayed:
Feed hold : Block being executed
Reset : Block executed most recently
Single–block stop : Block executed most recently
For example, when the CNC is reset during the execution of block 10, the
displayed block number changes from 10 to 9.
When MDI intervention is performed while the program is stopped by
single–block stop, the CNC commands used for intervention are not
counted as a block.
When the block number displayed on the program screen exceeds eight
digits, the block number is reset to 0 and counting continues.
Under any of the following conditions, P–type restart cannot be
D When automatic operation has not been performed since the power
was turned on
D When automatic operation has not been performed since an emergency
stop was released
D When automatic operation has not been performed since the
coordinate system was changed or shifted (change in an external offset
from the workpiece reference point)
The block to be restarted need not be the block which was interrupted;
operation can restart with any block. When P–type restart is performed,
the restart block must use the same coordinate system as when operation
was interrupted.
D Storing / clearing the
block number
D Block number when a
program is halted or
D MDI intervention
D Block number exceeding
eight digits
D P–type restart
D Restart block

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