FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Two–path control supports a single–block command signal for each of
tool posts 1 and 2. Single–block stop can thus be specified for the
automatic operation program for each tool post. Note, however, that when
the single–block command signals for both tool posts 1 and 2 are turned
on, the tools may stop at different positions according to the command
The special single–block control function eliminates such a difference by
applying feed hold to a tool post when the other tool post enters
single–block stop mode.
The special single–block control function is enabled when bit 6 (DSB) of
parameter No. 8100 is set to 1.
The single–block command signals for tool posts 1 and 2 are effective
even when the special single–block control function is used.
When tool post 1 or 2 is placed in the single–block mask state or feed–hold
mask state by a threading or custom macro program, the tool is not
stopped until the mask state is terminated.
The tool posts are not synchronized. Therefore, if the following programs
are executed, feed hold is applied to tool post 2 upon the completion of
X10.0 for tool post 1, but the tool of tool post 2 is not stopped exactly at
Tool post 1 Tool post 2
O0001 ; O0002 ;
G50 X0 ; G50 X0 ;
G01 X10. F100 ; G01 X20. F100 ;
G01 X20. ;
D Special single–block

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