FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The parameter setting or programmed value (XZIK) depends on which
part of the tool or tool holder is checked for entering the forbidden area.
Confirm the checking position (the top of the tool or the tool chuck) before
programming the forbidden area.
If point C (The top of the tool) is checked in Fig. 6.3 (d) , the distance “c”
should be set as the data for the stored stroke limit function. If point D
(The tool chuck) is checked, the distance “d” must be set.
The position of the
tool after reference
position return
Area boundary
Fig. 6.3(d) Setting the forbidden area
Area can be set in piles.
Fig. 6.3(e) Setting the forbidden area over lapping
Unnecessary limits should be set beyond the machine stroke.
Each limit becomes effective after the power is turned on and manual
reference position return or automatic reference position return by G28
has been performed.
After the power is turned on, if the reference position is in the forbidden
area of each limit, an alarm is generated immediately. (Only in G22 mode
for stored stroke limit 2).
When the tool has become unmovable in the forbidden area, push the
emergency stop button to release the forbidden condition and move the
tool out of the forbidden area in the G23 mode; then, if the setting is
wrong, correct it and perform the reference position return again.
When G23 is switched to G22 in the forbidden area, the following results.
(1)When the forbidden area is inside, an alarm is informed in the next
(2)When the forbidden area is outside, an alarm is informed immediately.
D Checkpoint for the
forbidden area
D Forbidden area over–
D Effective time for a
forbidden area
D Releasing the alarms
D Change from G23 to
G22 in a forbidden area

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