FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Table 4 Units
Data unit
Valid data range
Valid data range
Metric input 0.001 mm
0.0001 mm –99999999 to +99999999
Inch input
0.0001 inch
0.00001 inch
–99999999 to +99999999
The tip angle of the tailstock is 60 degrees. The entry–inhibition area is
set around the tip, assuming the angle to be 90 degrees, as shown below.
If an entry–inhibition area is incorrectly set, it may not be possible to
make the area effective. Avoid making the following settings:
D L < L1 or W < W1 in the chuck–shape settings.
D D2 < D3 in the tailstock–shape settings.
D A chuck setting overlapping that of the tailstock.
If the tool enters the entry–inhibition area and an alarm is issued, switch
to manual mode, retract the tool manually, then reset the system to release
the alarm. In manual mode, the tool can be moved only in the opposite
direction to that in which the tool entered the area. The tool cannot be
moved in the same direction (further into the area) as it was travelling
when the tool entered the area.
When the entry–inhibition areas for the chuck and tailstock are enabled,
and the tool is already positioned within those areas, an alarm is issued
when the tool moves. When the tool cannot be retracted, change the
setting of the entry–inhibition areas, such that the tool is outside the areas,
reset the system to release the alarm, then retract the tool. Finally, reinstall
the original settings.
D Setting the
entry–inhibition area for
the tailstock tip
D Correct setting of an
entry–inhibition area
D Retraction from the
entry–inhibition area

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