FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

1. If the CNC enters the clear state (see bit 6 (CLR) of parameter 3402)
when the power is turned on or the CNC is reset, the modal G codes
change as follows.
(1)G codes marked with
in Table 3 are enabled.
(2)When the system is cleared due to power–on or reset, whichever
specified, either G20 or G21, remains effective.
(3)Bit 7 of parameter No. 3402 can be used to specify whether G22
or G23 is selected upon power–on. Resetting the CNC to the clear
state does not affect the selection of G22 or G23.
(4)Setting bit 0 (G01) of parameter 3402 determines which code,
either G00 or G01, is effective.
(5)Setting bit 3 (G91) of parameter 3402 determines which code,
either G90 or G91, is effective.
2. G codes of group 00 except G10 and G11 are single–shot G codes.
3. P/S larm (No.010) is displayed when a G code not listed in the G code
list is specified or a G code without a corresponding option is
4. G codes of different groups can be specified in the same block.
If G codes of the same group are specified in the same block, the G
code specified last is valid.
5. If a G code of group 01 is specified in a canned cycle, the canned cycle
is canceled in the same way as when a G80 command is specified. G
codes of group 01 are not affected by G codes for specifying a canned
6. When G code system A is used for a canned cycle, only the initial level
is provided at the return point.
7. G codes are displayed for each group number.

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