FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

All offset data is output in a output format from the memory of the CNC
to a floppy or NC tape.
Procedure for Outputting Offset Data
1 Make sure the output device is ready for output.
For the two–path control, select the tool post for which offset data to
be output is used with the tool post selection switch.
2 Specify the punch code system (ISO or EIA) using a parameter.
3 Press the EDIT switch on the machine operators panel.
4 Press function key
to display tool offset screen.
5 Press soft key
6 Press the rightmost soft key
(next–menu key)
7 Press soft keys
[PUNCH] and [EXEC].
Offset data is output in the output format described below.
Output format is as follows:
P: Offset number
Work sheet : P=0. . . .
For wear offset amount : P=Wear offset number. . . .
For geometry offset amount : p=10000+geometry offset number. . . .
X:Offset value on X axis
Y: Offset value on Y axis
Z:Offset value on Z axis
Q:Imaginary tool nose number
R:Tool nose radius offset value
The L1 command may be used instead of L11 for format compatibility of
the conventional CNC.
When the floppy disk directory display function is used, the name of the
output file is OFFSET.
Outputting Offset Data
D Output format
D Output file name

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