FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

1 Move the cursor to the block to be modified on the program screen
and press the
[C.A.P] soft key. Or, press the [C.A.P] soft key first to
display the conversational screen, then press the
or page
key until the block to be modified is displayed.
2 When data other than a G code is to be altered, just move the cursor to
the data and key in a desired value, then press the
[INPUT] soft key or
3 When a G code is to be altered, press the menu return key
and the
soft key
[G.MENU]. Then the G code menu appears. Select a desired
G code, then key in the value. For example, to specify a cutting feed,
since the G code menu indicates G01, key in G01. Then press the soft
[BLOCK]. The detailed screen of the G code is displayed, so enter
the data.
4 After data is changed completely, press the
key. This operation
replaces an entire block of a program.
1 On the conversational screen, display the block immediately before a
new block is to be inserted, by using the page keys. On the program
screen, move the cursor with the page keys and cursor keys to
immediately before the point where a new block is to be inserted.
2 Press the soft key [G.MENU] to display the G code menu. Then enter
new block data.
3 When input of one block of data is completed in step 2, press the
key. This operation inserts a block of data.
1 On the conversational screen, display the contents of a block to be
deleted, then press the
2 The contents of the block displayed are deleted from program
memory. Then the contents of the next block are displayed on the
conversational screen.
 a block
Inserting a block
Deleting a block

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