FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Machining time is counted from the initial start after a reset in memory
operation mode to the next reset. If a reset does not occur during
operation, machining time is counted from the start to M03 (or M30).
However, note that the time during which operation is held is not counted,
but the time used to wait for completion of M, S, T, and/or B functions
is counted.
The displayed machining time can be inserted (stamped) as a comment
in a program stored in memory. Machining time is inserted as a comment
after the program number.
The machining time inserted after a program number can be displayed on
the program directory screen by setting bit 0 (NAM) of parameter No.
3107 to 1. This lets the user know the machining time of each program.
This information is useful as reference data when planning processing.
When program execution is terminated by an alarm during the machining
time count, the machining time until the alarm is released is counted.
If the user specifies that M02 does not reset the CNC but returns
completion signal FIN to the CNC to restart the program from the
beginning successively (with bit 5 (M02) of parameter No. 3404 set to 0),
the machining time count stops when M02 returns completion signal FIN.
When the machining time of a program to be stamped is not displayed on
the machining time display screen, the machining time cannot be inserted
into the program even if soft key
[INS–TM] is pressed.
D Machining time
D Stamping the machining
D Program directory
D Alarm
D M02
D Stamping the machining

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