FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

OFFSET/WEAR O0001 N00000
NO. X Z. R T
W 001 0.000 1.000 0.000 0
W 002 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
W 003 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
W 004 1.486 0.000 0.000 0
W 005 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
W 006 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
W 007 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
W 008 1.486 –49.561 0.000 0
U 101.000 W 202.094
> _
MDI **** *** *** 16:05:59
[ WEAR ][ GEOM ][ WORK ][ ][ (OPRT) ]
With tool wear offset
3 Move the cursor to the compensation value to be set or changed using
page keys and cursor keys, or enter the compensation number for the
compensation value to be set or changed and press soft key
4 To set a compensation value, enter a value and press soft key
To change the compensation value, enter a value to add to the current
value (a negative value to reduce the current value) and press soft key
[+INPUT]. Or, enter a new value and press soft key [INPUT].
TIP is the number of the virtual tool tip (see Programming).
TIP may be specified on the geometry compensation screen or on the
wear compensation screen.
A decimal point can be used when entering a compensation value.
An external input/output device can be used to input or output a cutter
compensation value. See Chapter III–8.
Tool length compensation values can be set using the following functions
described in subsequent subsections: direct input of tool offset value,
direct–input function B for tool offset measured, and counter input of
offset value.
16 groups are provided for tool compensation. The number of groups can
be optionally extended to 32, 64, or 99. For the two–path control, the
above number of groups can be used for each tool post. Tool geometry
compensation or wear compensation can be selected for each group.
D Decimal point input
D Other method
D Tool offset memory

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