FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

3–4 Key in the measured value (β).
3–5 Press the soft key
The difference between measured value β and the coordinate is
set as the offset value.
4 Cut surface B in manual mode.
5 Release the tool in the Z–axis direction without moving the X–axis
and stop the spindle.
6 Measure the diameter α of surface B.
Set this value as the measured value along the X–axis for the desired
offset number in the same way as when setting the value along the
7 Repeat above procedure the same time as the number of the necessary
tools. The offset value is automatically calculated and set.
For example, in case α=69.0 when the coordinate value of surface B
in the diagram above is 70.0, set 69.0 [MEASURE] at offset No.2.
In this case, 1.0 is set as the X–axis offset value to offset No.2.
Enter diameter values for the compensation values for axes for which
diameter programming is used.
If measured values are set on the tool geometry compensation screen, all
compensation values become geometry compensation values and all wear
compensation values are set to 0. If measured values are set on the tool
wear compensation screen, the differences between the measured
compensation values and the current wear compensation values become
the new compensation values.
If a record button is provided on the machine, the tool can retract along
two axes when bit 2 (PRC) of parameter 5005 is set and the record signal
is used. Refer to the appropriate manual issued by the machine tool
D Setting of X axis offset
D Compensation values for
a program created in
diameter programming
D Tool geometry offset
value and tool wear
offset value
D Retracting along two

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