FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The direct input function B for tool offset measured is used to set tool
compensation values and workpiece coordinate system shift values.
Procedure for setting the tool offset value
Tool position offset values can be automatically set by manually moving
the tool until it touches the sensor.
Refer to the appropriate manual issued by the machine tool builder for
actual operation.
1 Execute manual reference position return.
By executing manual reference position return, a machine coordinate
system is established.
The tool offset value is computed on the machine coordinate system.
2 Set the offset writing mode signal GOQSM to HIGH.
(Refer to the appropriate manual issued by the machine tool builder
for actual operation.
The CRT display is automatically changed to the tool offset screen
(geometry), and the “OFST” indicator starts blinking in the status
indication area in the bottom of the screen, which informs that the
offset writing mode is ready.
3 Select a tool to be measured.
4 When the cursor is not coincided with the tool offset number desired
to be set, move the cursor to the desired offset number by page key and
cursor key.
Besides the cursor can also be coincided with the tool offset number
desired to set automatically by the tool offset number input signals
(when parameter QNI(No.5005#5)=1).
In this case, the position of the cursor cannot be changed on the tool
compensation screen using page keys or cursor keys.
5 Near the tool to the sensor by manual operation.
6 Place the tool edge to a contacting surface of the sensor by manual
handle feed.
Bring the tool edge in contact with the sensor. This causes the offset
writing signals (+MIT1, –MIT1, +MIT2 or –MIT2) to input to CNC.
The offset writing signal is set to HIGH, and the :
D The axis is interlocked in this direction and its feeding is
D The tool offset value extracted by the tool offset memory (tool
geometry offset value) which corresponds to the offset number
shown by the cursor is set up.
7 For both X–axis and Z–axis, their offset value are set by the
operations 5 and 6.
8 Repeat operations 3 to 7 for necessary tools.
Direct Input of tool
offset measured B

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