FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

A screen center coordinate and drawing scale are displayed. A scale
screen center coordinate are automatically calculated so that a figure
set in WORK LENGTH (a) and WORK DIAMETER (b) can be fully
displayed on the screen. So, the user need not set these parameters
A screen center coordinate is defined in the workpiece coordinate
system. Table 12. 3. 2 indicates the unit and range. The unit of SCALE
is 0.001%.
Set the sequence number of an end block when part of the program is
to be drawn. A value set in this parameter is automatically cancelled
(cleared to 0) once a drawing is provided.
If 1 is set, the previous drawing is automatically erased when
automatic operation is stated from the reset state. Then, drawing is
If 1 is set, the area of stored stroke limit l is drawn with
double–dot–and–dash lines.
The parameter values for drawing are preserved even if
power is turned off.
Since the graphic drawing is done when coordinate value is renewed
during automatic operation, etc., it is necessary to start the program by
automatic operation. To execute drawing without moving the machine,
therefore, enter the machine lock state.
Pressing the
[REVIEW] soft key on the graphic screen deletes tool paths
on it. Setting the graphic parameter as AUTO ERASE (A) = 1 specifies
that when automatic operation is started at reset, program execution
begins after the previous drawing is erased automatically (AUTO ERASE
= 1).
When necessary to display a part of a program, search the starting block
to be drawn by the sequence number search, and set the sequence number
of the end block to the PROGRAM STOP N= of the graphic parameter
before starting the program under cycle operation mode.
The tool path is shown with a dashed line (
) for rapid traverse and
with a solid line (
) for cutting feed.
The displayed drawing is indicated with coordinates in a work coordinate
The machine zero point is indicated with a question mark.
Even if the screen is switched to a non–drawing screen, drawing
continues. When the drawing screen is displayed again, the entire
drawing appears (no parts are missing).
D Executing drawing only
D Deleting the previous
D Drawing a part of a
D Drawing using dashed
lines and solid lines
D Displaying coordinates
D Displaying the machine
zero point
D Switching from a
drawing screen to
another screen

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