FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

1) Program errors (P/S alarm)
Number Message Contents
000 PLEASE TURN OFF POWER A parameter which requires the power off was input, turn off power.
001 TH PARITY ALARM TH alarm (A character with incorrect parity was input).
Correct the tape.
002 TV PARITY ALARM TV alarm (The number of characters in a block is odd). This alarm will
be generated only when the TV check is effective.
003 TOO MANY DIGITS Data exceeding the maximum allowable number of digits was input.
(Refer to the item of max. programmable dimensions.)
004 ADDRESS NOT FOUND A numeral or the sign “ – ” was input without an address at the begin-
ning of a block. Modify the program .
005 NO DATA AFTER ADDRESS The address was not followed by the appropriate data but was fol-
lowed by another address or EOB code. Modify the program.
006 ILLEGAL USE OF NEGATIVE SIGN Sign “ – ” input error (Sign “ – ” was input after an address with which
it cannot be used. Or two or more “ – ” signs were input.)
Modify the program.
007 ILLEGAL USE OF DECIMAL POINT Decimal point “ . ” input error (A decimal point was input after an ad-
dress with which it can not be used. Or two decimal points were in-
Modify the program.
009 ILLEGAL ADDRESS INPUT Unusable character was input in significant area.
Modify the program.
010 IMPROPER G–CODE An unusable G code or G code corresponding to the function not
provided is specified. Modify the program.
011 NO FEEDRATE COMMANDED Feedrate was not commanded to a cutting feed or the feedrate was
inadequate. Modify the program.
014 ILLEGAL LEAD COMMAND In variable lead threading, the lead incremental and decremental out-
putted by address K exceed the maximum command value or a com-
mand such that the lead becomes a negative value is given.
Modify the program.
020 OVER TOLERANCE OF RADIUS In circular interpolation (G02 or G03), difference of the distance be-
tween the start point and the center of an arc and that between the
end point and the center of the arc exceeded the value specified in
parameter No. 3410.
An axis not included in the selected plane (by using G17, G18, G19)
was commanded in circular interpolation. Modify the program.
022 CIRCULAR INTERPOLATION In circular interpolation, radius R, or the distance between the start
point and the center of the arc, I, J, or K, has not been specified.
020 G NO CIRCLE RADIUS When circular interpolation is specified, neither R (specifying an arc
radius), nor I, J, and K (specifying the distance from a start point to
the center) is specified.
023 ILLEGAL RADIUS COMMAND In circular interpolation by radius designation, negative value was
commanded for address R. Modify the program.
028 ILLEGAL PLANE SELECT In the plane selection command, two or more axes in the same direc-
tion are commanded.
Modify the program.

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