FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

No. DescriptionsName
10 Lowering lock lever
When the tape reader is raised, the latch mechanism is activated to fix the
tape reader. Thus, the tape reader is not lowered. The latch is locked with
the lowering lock lever. The latch is therefore not unlocked even when the
tape reader is raised with the handle.
When the latch is locked, the lever is horizontal. To store the tape reader in
the box, push the lever to release the lock, then raise the tape reader with the
handle to unlock the latch.
When the latch is unlocked, the tape reader can be stored in the box.
When storing the tape reader, secure it with the cover lock.
11 Cable storage Used to store rolled power and signal cables. The cable length is 1.5 m.
12 Photoamplifier For the tape reader
interface adapter
200 VAC input and 5 VDC output power and reader/punch interface adapter
Procedure for Operating the Portable Tape Reader
1 Unlock the cover locks 9. Raise the tape reader with the handle 6 until
it clicks, then lower the tape reader. The tape reader then appears and
is secured. Check that the lowering lock levers
10 are horizontal.
2 Take out the signal and power cables from the cable storage 11 and
connect the signal cable with the CNC reader/punch interface port
and the power cable with the power supply.
3 Turn the control switch to the RELEASE position.
4 Lift the Light Source Unit, and insert an NC tape between the gap.
The tape must be positioned as shown in the figure, when viewed
looking downward.
Direction in which the tape advances
Feed holes
5 Pull the tape until the top of the tape goes past the Capstan roller.
6 Check that the NC tape is correctly positioned by the Tape Guide.
7 Lower the Light Source.
8 Turn the switch to the AUTO position.
9 Suspend the top and rear–end of the tape in the Tape Box.
10 Turn the switch to the RELEASE position.
11 Lift the Light Source and remove the tape.
Setting the tape
Removing the tape

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