FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Copying an entire program, 599
Copying part of a program, 600
Corner circular interpolation function (G39), 263
Correction in chamfering and corner arcs, 250
Counter input of offset value, 680
Counting a tool life, 121
Creating a program, 618
Creating programs, 611
Creating programs in teach in mode, 615
Creating programs using the MDI panel, 612
Current block display screen, 647
Current mode, 709
Current position display, 418
Current time, 710
Custom macro, 274
Cutting feed, 79
Cutting speed – spindle speed function, 23
Cycle start for the two–path control, 491
Cylindrical interpolation (G07.1), 54
Data input/output, 555
Data output, 421
Data setting for the tool post interference check function, 373
Decimal point programming, 103
Deleting a block, 591, 621
Deleting a word, 590
Deleting all programs, 596
Deleting blocks, 591
Deleting files, 580
Deleting more than one program by specifying a range, 597
Deleting multiple blocks, 592
Deleting one program, 596
Deleting programs, 596
Description of each display, 709
Details of functions, 318
Details of tool nose radius compensation, 224
Diameter and radius programming, 104
Direct drawing dimensions programming, 192
Direct input of tool offset measured B, 678
Direct input of tool offset value, 676
Direction of imaginary tool nose, 213
Display, 417
Display of run time and parts count, 641
Display of software configuration, 468
Display procedure for the actual feedrate on the current position
display screen, 639
Display procedure for the current position screen in the workpiece
coordinate system, 631
Display procedure for the current position screen with the relative
coordinate system, 633
Displaying a program list for a specified group, 669
Displaying and entering setting data, 686
Displaying and setting custom macro common variables, 695
Displaying and setting data, 414
Displaying and setting parameters, 704
Displaying and setting pitch error compensation data, 706
Displaying and setting run time, parts count, and time, 690
Displaying and setting the software operators panel, 696
Displaying and setting the workpiece origin offset value, 692
Displaying and setting tool life management data, 698
Displaying directory of floppy disk, 574
Displaying memory used and a list of programs, 663
Displaying the B–axis operation state, 661
Displaying the directory, 575
Displaying the floppy disk directory during file execution, 507
Displaying the pattern menu, 392
Displaying the program number and sequence number, 708
Displaying the program number, sequence number, and status, and
warning messages for data setting or input/output operation, 708
Displaying the status and warning for data Setting or input/output
operation, 709
Distance moved and feedrate for polar coordinate interpolation, 51
DNC operation, 518
Dry run, 526
Dwell (G04), 82
Editing a part program, 413
Editing of custom macros, 607
Editing programs, 583
Effective time for a forbidden area, 536
Efficient use of memory, 564
Emergency Stop, 532
Emergency stop or reset status, 709
End face peck drilling cycle (G74), 166
End face turning cycle (G94), 151
End of program, 124
End of subprogram, 124
End position for the arc is not on the arc, 232
Endless repetition, 507
Equal–lead threading, 330
Erase CRT screen display, 713
Erasing the program, 494
Example of changing T15 to M15, 589
Example of cylindrical interpolation program, 56
Example of deleting a block of No.1234, 591
Example of deleting blocks from a block containing N01234 to a
block containing N56789, 592
Example of deleting X100.0, 590

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