FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

P–type restart, 501
Parameter table screen, 725
Part drawing and tool movement, 16
Parts count display, run time display, 419
Password function, 609
Pattern data display, 396
Pattern data input function, 391
Pattern No. selection, 394
Pattern repeating (G73), 161
Plane selection, 99
Polar coordinate interpolation (G12.1, G13.1), 50
Polygonal turning, 344
Portable tape reader, 465
Position display in the relative coordinate system, 633
Position display in the workpiece coordinate system, 631
Position display screen, 623
Position screen, 443
Position setting for reference points of two tool posts, 373
Positioning (G00), 42
Power disconnection, 468
Power on/off, 466
Precautions to be taken by operator, 183
Preparatory function (G function), 36
Presetting the workpiece coordinate system, 638
Procedure for altering a word, 589
Procedure for background editing, 608
Procedure for change of words or addresses, 605
Procedure for copying part of a program, 600
Procedure for counter input of offset value, 680
Procedure for counter input of the offset value, 685
Procedure for deleting a block, 591
Procedure for deleting a word, 590
Procedure for deleting all programs, 596
Procedure for deleting more than one program by specifying a range,
Procedure for deleting multiple blocks, 592
Procedure for deleting one program, 596
Procedure for direct input of tool offset value, 676
Procedure for display and setting the tool life management data, 698
Procedure for displaying and setting custom macro common
variables, 695
Procedure for displaying and setting parameters, 704
Procedure for displaying and setting run time, parts count and time,
Procedure for displaying and setting the pitch error compensation
data, 707
Procedure for displaying and setting the software operators panel,
Procedure for displaying and setting the workpiece origin offset
value, 692
Procedure for displaying memory used and a list of programs, 663
Procedure for displaying overall position display screen, 636
Procedure for displaying run time and parts count on the current
position display screen, 641
Procedure for displaying the current block display screen, 647
Procedure for displaying the next block display screen, 648
Procedure for displaying the operating monitor, 643
Procedure for displaying the program check screen, 649
Procedure for displaying the program contents, 646
Procedure for displaying the program screen for MDI operation, 652
Procedure for enabling/displaying parameter writing , 705
Procedure for executing one file, 504
Procedure for executing the scheduling function, 506
Procedure for heading a program, 587
Procedure for inserting a word, 588
Procedure for inserting, altering and deleting a word, 584
Procedure for manual linear/circular interpolation, 483
Procedure for merging a program, 602
Procedure for moving part of a program, 601
Procedure for outputting a program list for a specified group, 582
Procedure for presetting the workpiece coordinate system, 638
Procedure for program number search, 593
Procedure for replacing CNC battery for memory back–up, 730
Procedure for scanning a program, 585
Procedure for searching a word, 586
Procedure for searching an address, 586
Procedure for sequence number comparison and stop, 688
Procedure for sequence number search, 594
Procedure for setting and displaying the tool offset value and the tool
nose radius compensation value, 673
Procedure for setting the floating reference position, 642
Procedure for setting the setting data, 686
Procedure for setting the tool offset value, 678
Procedure for setting the tool offset value of the Y axis, 683
Procedure for setting the work coordinate system shift amount, 679
Procedure for setting the workpiece coordinate system shifting
amount, 681
Procedure of copying an entire program, 599
Procedure of turning on the power, 466
Procedure to reset all axes, 635
Procedure to set the axis coordinate to a specified value, 635
Processing macro statements, 308
Program check screen, 649
Program components, 129
Program components other than program sections, 130
Program configuration, 26, 128
Program contents display, 646
Program display, 417
Program editing status, 710
Program end (M02, M30), 490
Program input/output, 561
Program number on a NC tape, 562
Program number search, 593

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