FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

With the motor torque limited (for example, by a torque limit command,
issued through the PMC window), a move command following G31 P99
(or G31 P98) can cause the same type of cutting feed as with G01 (linear
With the issue of a signal indicating a torque limit has been reached
(because of pressure being applied or for some other reason), a skip
For details of how to use this function, refer to the manuals supplied by
the machine tool builder.
G31: One–shot G code (G code effective only in the block in which it
is issued)
G31 P99 IP_ F_ ;
G31 P98 IP_ F_ ;
If the motor torque limit is reached, or a SKIP signal is received during
execution of G31 P99, the current move command is aborted, and the next
block is executed.
If the motor torque limit is reached during execution of G31 P98, the
current move command is aborted, and the next block is executed. The
SKIP signal <X0004#7/Tool post 2 X0013#7> does not affect G31 P98.
Entering a SKIP signal during the execution of G31 P98 does not cause
a skip.
If a torque limit is not specified before the execution of G31 P99/98, the
move command continues; no skip occurs even if a torque limit is
When G31 P99/98 is specified, the custom macro variables hold the
coordinates at the end of a skip. (See Section 4.9.)
If a SKIP signal causes a skip with G31 P99, the custom macro system
variables hold the coordinates based on the machine coordinate system
when it stops, rather than those when the SKIP signal is entered.
Only one axis can be controlled in each block with G31 P98/99.
If two or more axes are specified to be controlled in such blocks, or no axis
command is issued, P/S alarm No. 015 is generated.
When a signal indicating that a torque limit has been reached is input
during execution of G31 P99/98, and the degree of servo error exceeds
32767, P/S alarm No. 244 is generated.
With G31 P99, a SKIP signal can cause a skip, but not a high–speed skip.
(G31 P99)
D G31 P99
D G31 P98
D Torque limit command
D Custom macro system
D Axis command
D Degree of servo error
D High–speed skip

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