FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

1 When an axis returns to the reference point by the manual reference point return function,the
zero point of the local coordinate system of the axis matches that of the work coordinate system.
The same is true when the following command is issued:
α:Axis which returns to the reference point
2 The local coordinate system setting does not change the workpiece and machine coordinate
3 Whether the local coordinate system is canceled at reset depends on the parameter setting.
The local coordinate system is canceled when either CLR, bit 6 of parameter No.3402 or RLC,
bit 3 of parameter No.1202 is set to 1.
4 If coordinate values are not specified for all axes when setting a workpiece coordinate system
with the G92 command, the local coordinate systems of axes for which coordinate values were
not specified are not cancelled, but remain unchanged.
5 G52 cancels the offset temporarily in cutter compensation.
6 Command a move command immediately after the G52 block in the absolute mode.

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