FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

The life of a tool is specified by a usage frequency (count) or usage time
(in minutes).
The usage count is incremented by 1 for each tool used in a program.
In other words, the usage count is incremented by 1 only when the first
tool group number and tool change command are specified after the
CNC unit enters the automatic operation state from the reset state.
Even if the same tool group number is specified more than
once in a program, the usage count is only incremented by
1 and no new tools are selected.
When a tool change is specified (M06), tool life management is started
for the tools specified by the tool group number. In tool life
management, the time during which a tool is used in the cutting mode
is counted in four second increments., If the tool group is changed
before the incremental time of four seconds elapses, the time is not
counted. The time a tool is used for single block stop, feed hold, rapid
traverse, dwell, machine lock, and interlock is not counted.
1 When a tool is selected from available tools, tools are
searched starting from the current tool towards the lasttool
to find a tool whose life has not expired. When thelast tool
is reached during this search, the search restartsfrom the
first tool. When it has been determined that there are no
tools whose life has not expired, the last tool is selected.
When the tool currently being used is changed by tool skip
signal, the next new tool is selected using the method
described here.
2 When tool life is counted by time, the life counting can be
overridden using the tool life count override signal. An
override from 0 to 99.9 can be applied. When 0 is specified,
time is not counted. Before the override capability can be
used, bit 2 of parameter LFV No.6801 must be set.
3 When tool life counting indicates that the life of the last tool
in a group has expired, the tool change signal is output.
When tool life is managed by time, the signal is output when
the life of the last tool in the group has expired. When tool
life is managed by usage frequency (count), the signal is
output when the CNC unit is reset or the tool life count
restart M code is specified.
Tool Life
D Usage count
D Usage time

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