FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

A canned cycle consists of a sequence of six operations (Fig. 14.1 (a))
Operation 1 Positioning of axes X and Y
(including also another axis)
Operation 2 Rapid traverse up to point R level
Operation 3 Hole machining
Operation 4 Operation at the bottom of a hole
Operation 5 Retraction to point R level
Operation 6 Rapid traverse up to the initial point
Operation 1
Operation 2
Operation 3
Operation 4
Operation 5
Operation 6
Rapid traverse
Initial level
Point R level
Fig. 14.1 (a) Canned cycle operation sequence
The positioning plane is determined by plane selection code G17, G18,
or G19.
The positioning axis is an axis other than the drilling axis.
Although canned cycles include tapping and boring cycles as well as
drilling cycles, in this chapter, only the term drilling will be used to refer
to operations implemented with canned cycles.
The drilling axis is a basic axis (X, Y, or Z) not used to define the
positioning plane, or any axis parallel to that basic axis.
The axis (basic axis or parallel axis) used as the drilling axis is determined
according to the axis address for the drilling axis specified in the same
block as G codes G73 to G89.
If no axis address is specified for the drilling axis, the basic axis is
assumed to be the drilling axis.
Table14.1(b) Positioning plane and drilling axis
G code Positioning plane Drilling axis
G17 Xp–Yp plane Zp
G18 Zp–Xp plane Yp
G19 Yp–Zp plane Xp
Xp : X axis or an axis parallel to the X axis
Yp : Y axis or an axis parallel to the Y axis
Zp : Z axis or an axis parallel to the Z axis
D Positioning plane
D  

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