FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

An arbor with the overload torque detection function is used to retract the
tool when the overload torque detection signal (skip signal) is detected
during drilling. Drilling is resumed after the spindle speed and cutting
feedrate are changed. These steps are repeated in this peck drilling cycle.
The mode for the small–hole peck drilling cycle is selected when the M
code in parameter 5163 is specified. The cycle can be started by
specifying G83 in this mode. This mode is canceled when G80 is
specified or when a reset occurs.
G83(G98) G83(G99)
G83 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ Q_ F_ I_ K_ P_ ;
X_ Y_: Hole position data
Z_ : Distance from point R to the bottom of the hole
R_ : Distance from the initial level to point R
Q_ : Depth of each cut
F_ : Cutting feedrate
I_: Forward or backward traveling speed (same format as F above)
(If this is omitted, the values in parameters No.5172 and No.5173 are
assumed as defaults.)
K_ : Number of times the operation is repeated (if required)
P_ : Dwell time at the bottom of the hole
(If this is omitted, P0 is assumed as the default.)
: Initial clearance when the tool is retracted to point R and the clearance
from the bottom of the hole in the second or subsequent drilling
(parameter 5174)
Q : Depth of each cut
( )
Initial level
Point R
Point R
Overload torque Overload torque
Point Z
Point Z
Path along which the tool travels at the rapid traverse rate
Path along which the tool travels (forward or backward) at the rapid
traverse rate during the cycle specified with parameters
Path along which the tool travels at the programmed cutting feedrate
Small–hole peck
drilling cycle (G83)

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