FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

*Positioning along the X–axis and Y–axis
*Positioning at point R along the Z–axis
*Drilling along the Z–axis (first drilling, depth of cut Q, incremental)
Retraction (bottom of the hole small clearance , incremental)
Retraction (bottom of the hole point R)
Advance (point R point at a height of clearance from the bottom of
the hole)
Drilling (second or subsequent drilling, depth of cut Q + , incremental)
*Return to point R (or initial level) along the Z–axis, cycle end
Acceleration/deceleration during advancing and retraction is controlled
according to the cutting feed acceleration/deceleration time constant.
When retraction is performed, the position is checked at point R.
When the M code in parameter 5163 is specified, the system enters the
mode for the small–hole peck drilling cycle.
This M code does not wait for FIN. Care must be taken when this M code
is specified with another M code in the same block.
(Example) Mjj M03 ; Waits for FIN.
M03 Mjj ;
Does not wait for FIN.
When G83 is specified in the mode for the small–hole peck drilling cycle,
the cycle is started.
This continuous–state G code remains unchanged until another canned
cycle is specified or until the G code for cancelling the canned cycle is
specified. This eliminates the need for specifying drilling data in each
block when identical drilling is repeated.
In this cycle, the signal indicating that the small–hole peck drilling cycle
is in progress is output after the tool is positioned at the hole position
along the axes not used for drilling. Signal output continues during
positioning to point R along the drilling axis and terminates upon a return
to point R or the initial level. For details, refer to the manual of the
machine tool builder.
A skip signal is used as the overload torque detection signal. The skip
signal is effective while the tool is advancing or drilling and the tool tip
is between points R and Z. (The signal causes a retraction). For details,
refer to the manual of the machine tool builder.
D Component operations
of the cycle
D Specifying an M code
D Specifying a G code
D Signal indicating that the
cycle is in progress
D Overload torque
detection signal

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