FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

G53 Selecting the machine coordinate system
G65 Custom macro calling
G66 Continuous–state custom macro calling
G67 Canceling continuous–state custom macro calling
G73 Canned cycle (peck drilling cycle)
G74 Canned cycle (reverse tapping cycle)
G76 Canned cycle (fine boring cycle)
G80 Canceling a canned cycle
G81 to G89 Canned cycle
G90 Absolute mode
G91 Incremental mode
G94 Feed per minute
G95 Feed per rotation
G98 Canned cycle (return to the initial level)
G99 Canned cycle (return to the level of point R)
In the three–dimensional coordinate conversion mode, the rapid traverse
rate in drilling of a canned cycle equals the maximum cutting feedrate.
If tool length compensation, cutter compensation, or tool offset is
specified with three–dimensional coordinate conversion, compensation
is performed first, followed by three–dimensional coordinate conversion.
Three–dimensional and two–dimensional coordinate conversion use
identical G codes (G68 and G69). A G code specified with I, J, and K is
processed as the command for three–dimensional coordinate conversion.
A G code not specified with I, J, and K is processed as the command for
two–dimensional coordinate conversion.
Coordinates on the workpiece coordinate system are assigned to system
variables #5041 to #5048 (current position on each axis).
If a reset occurs during three–dimensional coordinate conversion mode,
the mode is canceled and the continuous–state G code is changed to G69.
The absolute coordinates based on the program or workpiece coordinate
system can be displayed in the three–dimensional coordinate conversion
mode. Specify a desired coordinate system in the DAK bit (bit 6 of
parameter 3106).
D Rapid traverse rate in
drilling of a canned cycle
D Compensation functions
D Relationship between
three–dimensional and
coordinate conversion
(G68, G69)
D Custom macro system
D Reset
D Absolute position

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