FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Table14.11 (a) Index indexing function and other functions
Relative position display
This value is rounded down when bit 1 of parameter REL No. 5500
specifies this option.
Absolute position display
This value is rounded down when bit 2 of parameterABS No. 5500
specifies this option.
Automatic return from the reference position (G29)
2nd reference position return (G30)
Impossible to return
Movement in the machine coordinate system Impossible to move
Single direction positioning Impossible to specify
2nd auxiliary function (B code) Possible with any address other than B that of the indexing axis.
Operations while moving the indexing axis
Unless otherwise processed by the machine, feed hold, interlock
and emerrgency stop can be executed. Machine lock can be
executed after indexing is completed.
SERVO OFF signal
The indexing axis is usually in the servo–off state.
Incremental commands for indexing the index
The workpiece coordinate system and machine coordinate system
must always agree with each other on the indexing axis (the work-
piece zero point offset value is zero.).
Operations for indexing the index table
Manual operation is disabled in the JOG, INC, or HANDLE mode.
A manual reference position return can be made. If the axis selec-
tion signal is set to zero during manual reference position return,
movement is stopped and the clamp command is not executed.
D Indexing function and
other functions

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