FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Cutter compensation is carried out in the plane determined by G17, G18
and G19 (G codes for plane selection.). This plane is called the offset
plane. If the offset plane is not specified, G17 is assumed to be
Compensation is not executed for the coordinates of a position which is
not in the specified plane. The programmed values are used as they are.
In the sequel, what vector is created, what offset calculation is made, by
an offset command, will be discussed on assumption that an XY plane is
selected. This discussion applies also when another plane is selected.
The offset vector is cleared by reset.
After the power is turned on, the length of the offset vector is set to zero
and the cutter compensation cancel mode is selected.
A move command mode at the time of change from the
offset cancel mode to the cutter compensation mode, is
positioning (G00) or linear interpolation (G01). The circular
interpolation (G02, G03) cannot be used.
D Offset plane selection
and offset vector
D Transition from the offset
cancel mode to the
cutter compensation
mode (Start up)

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