FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

When the following command is specified in the G01, G02, or G03 mode,
corner offset circular interpolation can be executed with respect to the
radius of the tool.
G39 X_ Y_ ; or G39 I_ J_ ;
A new vector is created to the left (G41) or to the right (G42) looking
toward (X, Y) from the end point at right angles therewith, and the tool
moves along the arc from the point of the old vector toward that of the new
vector. (X, Y) is expressed in a value according to the G90/G91
respectively. (I, J) is expressed in an incremental value from the end point.
(X, Y)or(I, J)
(X, Y)or(I, J)
Case of G41
Case of G42
Tool center path
New vector
Old vector
Programmed path
Old vector
New vector
Tool center path
Programmed path
This command can be given in offset mode, that is, only when G41 or G42
has already been specified. Whether the arc is to turn clockwise or
counterclockwise, is defined by G41 or G42, respectively. This command
is not modal, and executes circular interpolation, whatever the G function
of group 01 may be. The G function of group 01 remains even though this
command is specified.
Corner Offset Circular
Interpolation (G39)

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