FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

If the tool compensation value is made negative (–), it is equal that G41
and G42 are replaced with each other in the process sheet. Consequently,
if the tool center is passing around the outside of the workbench it will
pass around the inside thereof, and vice versa.
Fig. 15.4.7 shows one example. Generally speaking, the cutter
compensation value shall be programmed to be positive (+). When a tool
path is programmed as shown in (1), if the cutter compensation value is
made negative (–), the tool center moves as shown in (2).
If the cutter compensation value is changed to a negative value when tool
path (2) shown in Fig. 15.4.7 is programmed, the tool follows tool path
(1) shown in the same figure.
Programmed path
Tool center path
Fig. 15.4.7 Tool Center Paths when Positive and Negative
Cutter Compensation Values are Specified
For a cornered figure (involved in corner circular interpolation) in
general, the cutter compensation value naturally cannot be made negative
(–) to cut the inside. In order to cut the inside corner of a cornered figure,
an arc with an appropriate radius must be inserted there to provide smooth
If the tool length offset is commanded during cutter
compensation, the offset amount of cutter compensation is
also regarded to have been changed.
Cutter Compensation
Value and Tool Center

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