FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

In the offset mode, when a block which satisfies any one of the following
conditions is executed, the CNC enters the offset cancel mode, and the
action of this block is called the offset cancel.
1. G40 has been commanded.
2. 0 has been commanded as the offset number for cutter
When performing offset cancel, circular arc commands (G02 and G03) are
not available. If a circular arc is commanded, an P/S alarm (No. 034) is
generated and the tool stops.
In the offset cancel, the control executes the instructions in that block and
the block in the cutter compensation buffer. In the meantime, in the case
of a single block mode, after reading one block, the control executes it and
stops. By pushing the cycle start button once more, one block is executed
without reading the next block.
Then the control is in the cancel mode, and normally, the block to be
executed next will be stored in the buffer register and the next block is not
read into the buffer for cutter compensation.
Offset cancel mode
Offset mode
Start up
Offset modecancel
Fig. 15.5 (b) Changing the offset mode
In general, the cutter compensation value shall be changed in the cancel
mode, when changing tools. If the cutter compensation value is changed
in offset mode, the vector at the end point of the block is calculated for
the new cutter compensation value.
Calculated from the cutter
compensation value in the block
Calculated from the cutter
compensation value in the block N7
Fig. 15.5 (c) Changing the Cutter Compensation Value
Programmed path
D Offset mode cancel
D Change of the
Cutter compensation

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