FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Addresses I, J, and K must all be specified to start three–dimensional tool
compensation. When even one of the three addresses is omitted,
two–dimensional cutter compensation C is activated. When a block
specified in three–dimensional tool compensation mode contains none of
addresses I, J, and K, the same vector as the vector generated in the
previous block is generated at the end of the block.
Generally, G41 is specified to start three–dimensional tool compensation.
Instead of G41, G42 can be specified for startup. With G42, three–
dimensional tool compensation is performed in the opposite direction.
When circular interpolation, helical interpolation (both specified with
G02, G03), or involute interpolation (G02.2, G03.2) is specified, the
vector generated in the previous block is maintained.
Vector generated in the block before an arc
The same vector is
Programmed path
Path after three–dimensional
tool compensation
Three–dimensional tool compensation vector
Before specifying reference position return check (G27), cancel
three–dimensional tool compensation. In the compensation mode, G27
brings the tool to a position shifted by the offset value. If the position the
tool reached is not the reference position, the reference position return
LED does not go on (the P/S alarm No.092 alarm is issued).
When return to the reference position (G28), to the second, third, or fourth
reference position (G30), or to the floating reference position (G30.1) is
specified, the vector is cleared at a middle point.
If one of the following conditions is present at the startup of three–
dimensional tool compensation, an alarm is issued:
D Two or more axes are specified in the same direction.
(P/S alarm No.047)
D Although Xp, Yp, or Zp is omitted, the basic three axes are not set.
(P/S alarm No.048)
If one of the following G codes is specified in the three–dimensional tool
compensation mode, an alarm is issued:
G05 High–speed cycle machining (P/S alarm178)
G31 Skip function (P/S alarm 036)
G51 Scaling (P/S alarm141)
D Specifying I, J, and K
D G42
D Offset vector in
D Reference position
return check (G27)
D Return to a reference
position (G28, G30,
D Alarm issued at startup
D Alarm during
three–dimensional tool

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