FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Specify a conditional expression after IF. If the specified conditional
expression is satisfied, a branch to sequence number n occurs. If the
specified condition is not satisfied, the next block is executed.
IF [#1 GT 10] GOTO 2 ;
N2 G00 G91 X10.0 ;
If the value of variable #1 is greater than 10, a branch to sequence number
N2 occurs.
If the condi-
tion is not sa-
Processing If the condition is satisfied
A conditional expression must include an operator inserted between two
variables or between a variable and constant, and must be enclosed in
brackets ([, ]). An expression can be used instead of a variable.
Operators each consist of two letters and are used to compare two values
to determine whether they are equal or one value is smaller or greater than
the other value. Note that the inequality sign cannot be used.
Table 16.5.2 Operators
EQ Equal to(=)
NE Not equal to(0)
GT Greater than(>)
GE Greater than or equal to(y)
LT Less than(<)
LE Less than or equal to(x)
The sample program below finds the total of numbers 1 to 10.
#1=0;Initial value of the variable to hold the sum
#2=1;Initial value of the variable as an addend
N1 IF[#2 GT 10] GOTO 2; Branch to N2 when the addend is greater than
#1=#1+#2; Calculation to find the sum
#2=#2+1; Next addend
GOTO 1; Branch to N1
N2 M30;End of program
Conditional Branch
(IF Statement)
D Conditional expression
D Operators
Sample program

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