FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

The macro call command can be specified in MDI mode. During
automatic operation, however, it is impossible to switch to the MDI mode
for a macro program call.
A custom macro program cannot be searched for a sequence number.
Even while a macro program is being executed, blocks can be stopped in
the single block mode.
A block containing a macro call command (G65, G66, or G67) does not
stop even when the single block mode is on. Blocks containing arithmetic
operation commands and control commands can be stopped in single
block mode by setting SBM (bit 5 of parameter 6000) to 1.
Single block stop operation is used for testing custom macro programs.
Note that when a single block stop occurs at a macro statement in cutter
compensation C mode, the statement is assumed to be a block that does
not involve movement, and proper compensation cannot be performed in
some cases. (Strictly speaking, the block is regarded as specifying a
movement with a travel distance 0.)
A / appearing in the middle of an <expression> (enclosed in brackets [
] on the right–hand side of an arithmetic expression) is regarded as a
division operator; it is not regarded as the specifier for an optional block
skip code.
By setting NE8 (bit 0 of parameter 3202) and NE9 (bit 4 of parameter
3202) to 1, deletion and editing are disabled for custom macro programs
and subprograms with program numbers 8000 to 8999 and 9000 to 9999.
This prevents registered custom macro programs and subprograms from
being destroyed by accident. When the entire memory is cleared (by
pressing the
keys at the same time to turn on the power),
the contents of memory such as custom macro programs are deleted.
With a reset operation, local variables and common variables #100 to
#149 are cleared to null values. They can be prevented from clearing by
setting, CLV and CCV (bits 7 and 6 of parameter 6001). System variables
#1000 to #1133 are not cleared.
A reset operation clears any called states of custom macro programs and
subprograms, and any DO states, and returns control to the main program.
As with M98, the M and T codes used for subprogram calls are not
When a feed hold is enabled during execution of a macro statement, the
machine stops after execution of the macro statement. The machine also
stops when a reset or alarm occurs.
+0.0000001 to +99999999
–99999999 to –0.0000001
The number of significant digits is 8 (decimal). If this range is exceeded,
P/S alarm No. 003 occurs.
D MDI operation
D Sequence number
D Single block
D Optional block skip
D Operation in EDIT mode
D Reset
D Display of the PROGRAM
D Feed hold
D Constant values that can
be used in <expression>

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