FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Some machining errors are due to the CNC. Such errors include
machining errors caused by acceleration/deceleration after interpolation.
To eliminate these errors, the following functions are performed at high
speed by an RISC processor. These functions are called high–precision
contour control functions.
(1)Function for multiple–block look–ahead acceleration/deceleration
before interpolation. This function eliminates machining errors due
to acceleration/deceleration.
(2)Automatic speed control function which enables smooth acceleration/
deceleration by considering changes in the figure and speed and
allowable acceleration for the machine. This is performed by reading
multiple blocks in advance.
For details on high–precision contour control using RISC, refer to the
relevant manual published by the machine tool builder.
G05P10000 ; Start HPCC mode
G05P0 ; End HPCC mode
The mode used to perform high–precision contour control using RISC is
called HPCC mode.
To start the HPCC mode in a certain block, specify G05P10000 before
that block. To end the HPCC mode, specify G05P0 at the point at which
to end the mode.
The following data can be specified in HPCC mode:
G00 : Positioning (Note)
G01 : Linear interpolation
G02 : Circular interpolation (CW)
G03 : Circular interpolation (CCW)
G17 : Plane selection (XpYp plane)
where, Xp is the X–axis or a parallel axis;
G18 : Plane selection (ZpXp plane)
where, Yp is the Y–axis or a parallel axis;
G19 : Plane selection (YpZp plane)
where, Zp is the Z–axis or a parallel axis.
G38 : Cutter compensation C with vector held
G40 : Cutter compensation cancel
G41 : Cutter compensation, left
G42 : Cutter compensation, right
G90 : Absolute command
G91 : Incremental command
Dxxx : Specifying a D code
Fxxxxx : Specifying an F code
Nxxxxx: Specifying a sequence number
G05P10000 : Setting the HPCC mode
G05P0 : Canceling the HPCC mode
D HPCC mode
D Data that can be

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