FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Before G05P10000 can be specified, the following modal values must be
set. If they are not set, the P/S alarm No. 5012 is issued.
G code Meaning
G13.1 Cancels polar coordinate interpolation.
G15 Cancels a polar coordinate command.
G40 Cancels cutter compensation (M system).
G40.1 Cancels normal direction control (for the M system only).
G50 Cancels scaling.
G50.1 Cancels the programmable mirror image function.
G64 Cutting mode
G69 Cancels coordinate conversion.
G80 Cancels canned cycles.
G94 Feed per minute
G97 Cancels constant surface speed control.
M97 Cancels interrupt type macros.
The G05P10000 block cannot be executed in the single block mode.
The second feedrate override and optional block skip functions cannot be
used in HPCC mode unless these options are provided.
Externally–requested deceleration, feed at address F with one digit, and
automatic corner override commands are ignored.
Switching to the MDI mode cannot be performed in HPCC mode. In
addition, MDI operation is not possible.
Interlock (for each axis and in each direction) is disabled in HPCC mode.
In HPCC mode, never change the external mirror image signal (DI
signal), parameter–set mirror image, and each–axis machine lock.
In HPCC mode, calculator type input (when bit 0 of parameter DPI No.
3401 is 1) is ignored.
A program containing G05P10000; cannot be restarted.
D Modes that can be
D Single block
D Second feedrate override
and optional block skip
D Invalid command
D MDI operation
D Interlock
D Mirror image and
machine lock
D Calculator–type input
D Program reset

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