FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

The chopping feedrate is clamped to the maximum chopping feedrate (set
with parameter No. 8375) if the specified feedrate is greater than the
maximum chopping feedrate.
The feedrate can be overridden by 0% to 150% by applying the chopping
feedrate override signal.
Set the following chopping data:
D Chopping axis: Parameter No. 8370
D Reference point (point R): Parameter No. 8371
D Upper dead point: Parameter No. 8372
D Lower dead point: parameter No. 8373
D Chopping feedrate: Parameter No. 8374
D Maximum chopping feedrate: Parameter No. 8375
All data items other than the chopping axis and maximum chopping
feedrate can be set on the chopping screen.
For details of how to set chopping data on the chopping screen, refer to
III 11.4.13 Displaying and Setting Chopping Data.
When the upper dead point or lower dead point is changed while chopping
is being performed, the tool moves to the position specified by the old
data. Then, chopping is continued using the new data.
While chopping is being performed, data can be changed only on the
chopping screen. Changing the data on the parameter screen has no effect
on the current chopping operation.
When movement according to the new data starts, the servo delay
compensation function stops the servo delay compensation for the old
data, and starts the servo delay compensation for the new data.
The following describes the operations performed after the data has been
(1)When the upper dead point is changed during movement from the
upper dead point to the lower dead point
New upper dead point
Previous upper dead point
Previous lower dead point
The tool first moves to the lower dead point, then to the new upper
dead point.
Once movement to the lower dead point has been completed, the
previous servo delay compensation is set to 0, and servo delay
compensation is performed based on the new data.
D Setting chopping data
D Chopping after the upper
dead point or lower dead
point has been changed

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