FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

If the mode is changed during chopping, chopping does not stop. In
manual mode, the chopping axis cannot be moved manually. It can,
however, be moved manually by means of the manual interrupt.
When a reset is performed during chopping, the tool immediately moves
to point R, after which chopping mode is canceled.
If an emergency stop or servo alarm occurs during chopping, mode is
canceled, and the tool stops immediately.
The following table lists the operations and commands that can be used
to stop chopping, the positions at which chopping stops, and the operation
performed after chopping stops:
Operation/command Stop position Operation after
chopping stops
G80 Point R Canceled
CHPST: “0” The tool moves to the lower
dead point, then to point R.
*CHLD: “0” Point R Restart after *CHLD
goes “1”
Reset Point R Canceled
Emergency stop The tool stops immediately. Canceled
Servo alarm The tool stops immediately. Canceled
P/S alarm The tool moves to the lower
dead point, then to point R.
OT alarm The tool moves from the upper
or lower point to point R.
When an alarm or battery alarm is issued during background editing, the
tool does not stop at point R.
Even when single block signal SBK is input during chopping, chopping
While chopping is being performed, do not change the workpiece
coordinate system for the chopping axis.
When the chopping axis is selected as the PMC axis, chopping is not
While chopping is being performed, never attempt to apply the mirror
image function about the chopping axis.
If a move command is specified for the chopping axis while chopping is
being performed, a P/S 5050 alarm is issued.
This function does not support the look–ahead control function.
D Mode switching during
D Reset during chopping
D Stopping chopping
D Background editing
D Single block signal
D Workpiece coordinate
D PMC axis
D Mirror image
D Move command during
D Look–ahead control

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