FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

In helical compensation, the machine coordinates and absolute
coordinates of the workpiece axis (4th axis) are updated by the amount of
helical compensation.
By turning on the retract signal RTRCT (on a rising edge) in automatic
operation mode or manual operation mode, a retract movement can be
made over the distance specified in parameter No. 7741 on the axis set in
bit 0 (RTRx) of parameter No. 7730. Upon completion of retract
operation, the retract completion signal RTRCTF is output.
For retract operation, the feedrate specified in parameter No. 7740 is used.
During retract operation, the feedrate override capability is disabled.
When the retract signal is turned on in automatic operation, retract
operation is performed, and automatic operation is stopped at the same
A synchronization coefficient is internally represented using a fraction
(K2/K1) to eliminate an error. The formula below is used for calculation.
(, : Number of detector pulses per rotation of the tool axis, and number
of detector pulses per rotation of the workpiece axis (parameter Nos. 7772
and 7773), respectively)
Synchronization coefficient =
In the formula above, K2/K1 is obtained by reducing the right side to
lowest terms, but K1 and K2 must satisfy the following restriction:
–2147483648 x K2 x –2147483647
1 x K1 x 65535
When this restriction is not satisfied, the PS181 alarm is issued when G81
is specified.
During synchronization, a manual handle interrupt can be used for the
workpiece axis and other servo axes.
During synchronization, a move command can be programmed for the
workpiece axis and other servo axes. Note, however, that incremental
command programming for cutting feed must be used to specify a
workpiece axis move command.
For retract movement, the feed hold capability is disabled.
This function does not include a retract function used when an alarm is
In synchronization mode, a cutting feedrate can be specified for the
workpiece axis (4th axis). Rapid traverse cannot be specified using G00.
The maximum speeds of the tool axis and workpiece axis depend on the
detectors used.
During synchronization, G00, G28, G27, G29, G30, G53, G20, and G21
cannot be specified.
When this function is used, the drilling canned cycle cannot be used.
D Coordinates in helical
D Retraction
D Feedrate at retraction
D Retraction during
automatic operation
D Synchronization
D Manual handle interrupt
D Move command during
D Feed hold during
D Retraction when alarm is
D Rapid traverse during
D Maximum speed
D G code command during
D Drilling canned cycle

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