FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Basic axes X, Y, and Z are determined by parameter No. 1022 (plane
selection). Rotary axes A, B, and C are determined by parameter No.
1020 (axis name).
The direction of the tool X axis is determined by setting bit 0 (TLX) of
parameter No. 7104.
This function is usually used with 5–axis machines. However, 4–axis
machines (One axis is for rotation) can be used by setting bit 2 (CXC) of
parameter No. 7104 to 1.
If either of the two axes selected in type specification based on the axis
configuration is nonexistent as an axis, P/S alarm No. 5015 is issued.
Moreover, the A–C axis type or B–C axis type must be selected as the axis
configuration type.
D Setting basic axes and
rotary axes
D Tool axis direction
D Setting for 4–axis
D Axis configuration

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