FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

For execution of rigid tapping, set rigid mode, then switch to handle mode
and move the tapping axis with a manual handle. For more information
about rigid tapping, see Section II–14.2 and refer to the relevant manual
provided by the machine tool builder.
Procedure for Manual Rigid Tapping
1 Stop the spindle and servo axes, then set MDI mode by pressing the
MDI switch among the mode selection switches.
2 Enter and execute the following program:
M29 S1000 ;
G91 G84 Z0 F1000 ;
The program above is required to determine a screw lead and set rigid
tapping mode. In this program, a tapping axis must always be
specified. Specify a value that does not operate the tapping axis.
In this MDI programming, never specify commands to
position the tool at a drilling position and at point R.
Otherwise, the tool moves along an axis.
3 When the entered program is executed, rigid tapping mode is set.
4 After rigid mode is set upon completion of MDI program execution,
switch to the handle mode by pressing the handle switch among the
mode selection switches.
At this time, never press the reset key. Otherwise, rigid
mode is canceled.
5 To perform rigid tapping, select a tapping axis with the handle feed
axis select switch, and move the tapping axis with the manual handle.

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