FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Manual rigid tapping is enabled by setting bit 0 (HRG) of parameter No.
5203 to 1.
To cancel rigid mode, specify G80 as same the normal rigid tapping.
When the reset key is pressed, rigid mode is canceled, but the canned cycle
is not canceled.
When the rigid mode switch is to be set to off for rigid mode cancellation
(when bit 2 (CRG) of parameter No. 5200 is set to 0), the G80 command
ends after the rigid mode switch is set to off.
The rotation direction of the spindle is determined by a specified tapping
cycle G code and the setting of bit 1 (HRM) of parameter No. 5203. For
example, when the HRM parameter is set to 0 in G84 mode, the spindle
makes forward rotations as the tapping axis moves in the minus direction.
(When the tapping axis moves in the plus direction, the spindle makes
reverse rotations.)
By setting bit 0 (FXY) of parameter No. 5101 to 1, an arbitrary tapping
axis can be selected. In this case, specify a G code for plane selection and
tapping axis address when rigid mode is set in MDI mode.
In an MDI program for setting rigid mode, G84 can be used as a rigid
tapping G code, or M29 and G84 can be specified in the same block.
Set bit 0 (HPF) of parameter No. 7100 to 0 so that when manual handle
feed is specified which is faster than the rapid traverse rate, the handle
pulses beyond the rapid traverse rate are ignored.
In manual rigid tapping, only an excessive error during movement is
Tool axis direction handle feed is disabled.
In manual rigid tapping, the extraction override function is disabled, and
the use of an acceleration/deceleration time constant for extraction is
In MDI programming, never specify K0 and L0, which are used to specify
that the number of repeats is 0 and to disable the execution of a G84 block.
If K0 or L0 is specified, rigid mode cannot be set.
When positioning the tool to a drilling position, select the X–axis or
Y–axis with the axis select switch in handle mode. Never use the method
of positioning to a drilling position in MDI mode or MEM mode. The
method can operate the tapping axis.
D Manual rigid tapping
D Cancellation of rigid
D Spindle rotation
D Arbitrary tapping axis
D Specification of M29 and
G84 in the same block
D Specification of manual
handle feed faster than
the rapid traverse rate
D Excessive error check
D Tool axis direction
handle feed
D Extraction override
D Number of repeats
D Positioning of the tool to
a drilling position

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