FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

While the tool is at the retraction position (point E in the figure below)
and the RETRACTION POSITION LED is on, press the cycle start
switch. The tool is then repositioned at the point where retraction was
started (i.e. where the TOOL WITHDRAW switch was turned on).
E point
Upon completion of repositioning, the tool withdraw mode is cancelled,
and the TOOL BEING WITHDRAWN LED goes off and restart N30.
If no retraction distance or direction required for retraction are specified,
retraction is not performed when the TOOL WITHDRAW switch on the
operators panel is turned on. Instead, the block being executed in
automatic operation is interrupted (automatic operation is held or
stopped). In this state, the tool can be withdrawn and returned.
N30A point
E point
When the single block switch is turned on during automatic operation, or
the TOOL WITHDRAW switch is turned on after the automatic operation
hold or stop state is set by feed hold: Retraction is performed, then the
automatic operation hold or stop state is set again.
During retraction, feed hold operation is ignored. However, reset
operation is enabled (retraction is stopped at reset). When an alarm is
issued during retraction, the retraction is stopped immediately.
After retraction is completed, tool repositioning can be started without
performing the withdraw and return operations.
Procedure 5
Explanation 1
D When no retraction
distance is specified
D Retraction from the
automatic operation
hold or stop state
D Stopping retraction
D Repositioning
immediately after

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