FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

To move the tool along an axis, select the corresponding axis selection
signal. Never specify axis selection signals for two or more axes at a time.
When the tool is moved in manual operation along an axis, the control unit
memorizes up to ten paths of movements. If the tool is stopped after being
moved along a selected axis and is then moved along another selected
axis, the position where this switch takes place is memorized. After ten
paths have been memorized, the control unit does not memorize any
additional switching points.
Upon reset, memorized position data is lost and the tool withdraw mode
is cancelled.
When there are more than ten return paths, the tool first moves to the tenth
position, then to the ninth position, then to the eighth position, and so
forth until the retraction position is reached.
The single block switch is enabled during return operation. If the single
block switch is turned off, continuous return operation is performed. If
the single block switch is turned off, the tool stops at each memorized
position. In this case, return operation can be resumed by turning the
TOOL RETURN switch on then off again.
When an alarm is issued during return operation, return operation stops.
The feed hold function is enabled during return operation.
The feed hold function is disabled during repositioning.
The operation after completion of repositioning depends on the automatic
operation state present when the TOOL WITHDRAW switch is turned on.
1. When automatic operation is being started
After completion of repositioning, the interrupted execution of the
block is resumed.
2. When automatic operation is held or stopped
After completion of repositioning, the tool stops once at the
repositioned point, then the original automatic operation hold or stop
state is set. When the cycle start switch is pressed, automatic operation
is resumed.
Explanation 2
D Axis selection
D Path memorization
D Reset
Explanaiton 3 Return
D Return path
D Single block
D Interruption of return
D Feed hold
Explanation 4
D Feed hold
D Operation after
completion of

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