FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Upon reset (when the RESET key on the CRT/MDI panel is pressed, the
external reset signal is applied, or the reset and rewind signal is applied),
the memorized reverse movement blocks are cleared.
A feedrate for reverse movement can be specified using parameter (No.
1414). When this parameter is set to 0, the feedrate used for forward
movement is used.
For forward return movement, the feedrate for forward movement is
always used.
In reverse movement and forward return movement, the feedrate override
function, rapid traverse override function, and dry run function are
Reverse movement stops when any of the commands or modes listed
below appears. If an attempt is made during forward movement to stop
forward movement with feed hold stop and then move the tool in the
reverse direction when any of the commands and modes below is
specified, the reverse movement completion state occurs.
Involute interpolation (G02.2/ G03.2)
Exponential interpolation (G02.3/ G03.3)
Cylindrical interpolation (G07.1, G107)
Polar coordinate interpolation mode (G12.1)
Inch/metric conversion (G20/ G21)
Reference position return check (G27)
Return to reference position (G28)
Return from reference position (G29)
2nd, 3rd, and 4th reference position return (G30)
Floating reference position return (G30.1)
Thread cutting (G33)
Machine coordinate system selection (G53)
Chopping operation command (G81.1)
(See the chopping function described later.)
Rigid tapping cycle (M29, G84)
High speed cycle machining (G05)
High speed remote buffer A (G05)
High speed remote buffer B (G05)
High precision contour control (RISC) (G05)
Look–ahead control (G08)
Cs contour control
D Reset
D Feedrate
D Block that disables
reverse movement

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