FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

In cases such as when tool movement along an axis is stopped by feed hold
during automatic operation so that manual intervention can be used to
replace the tool: When automatic operation is restarted, this function
returns the tool to the position where manual intervention was started.
To use the conventional program restart function and tool withdrawal and
return function, the switches on the operators panel must be used in
conjunction with the MDI keys. This function does not require such
Before this function can be used, MIN (bit 0 of parameter No. 7001) must
be set to 1.
In manual absolute off mode, the tool does not return to the stop position,
but instead operates according to the manual absolute on/off function.
For the return operation, the dry run feedrate is used, and the jog feedrate
override function is enabled.
Return operation is performed according to positioning based on
nonlinear interpolation.
If the single block stop switch is on during return operation, the tool stops
at the stop position and restarts movement when the cycle start switch is
If a reset occurs or an alarm is issued during manual intervention or the
return operation, this function is cancelled.
This function can be used in the MDI mode as well.
This function is enabled only when the automatic operation hold LED is
on. When there is no travel distance remaining, this function has no effect
even if a feed hold stop is performed with the automatic operation hold
signal *SP (bit 5 of G008).
When the tool is replaced using manual intervention for a reason such as
damage, the tool movement cannot be restarted by a changed offset in the
middle of the interrupted block.
When performing manual intervention, never use the machine lock,
mirror image, or scaling functions.
D Manual absolute on/off
D Override
D Return operation
D Single block
D Cancellation
D MDI mode
D Enabling and disabling
manual intervention and
D Offset
D Machine lock, mirror
image, and scaling

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