FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Error codes and messages indicate the cause of an alarm. To recover from
an alarm, eliminate the cause and press the reset key.
The error codes are classified as follows:
No. 000 to 255 : P/S alarm (Program errors) (*)
No. 300 to 349 : Absolute pulse coder (APC) alarms
No. 350 and 399 : Serial pulse coder (SPC) alarms
No. 400 to 499 : Servo alarms
No. 500 to 599 : Overtravel alarms
No. 700 to 749 : Overheat alarms
No. 750 to 799 : Spindle alarms
No. 900 to 999 : System alarms
No. 5000 to : P/S alarm (Program errors)
* For an alarm (No. 000 to 255) that occurs in association with
background operation, the indication “xxxBP/S alarm” is provided
(where xxx is an alarm number). Only a BP/S alarm is provided for
No. 140.
See the error code list in the appendix for details of the error codes.
D Reset of the alarm
D Error codes

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