FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Of the external input/output devices, the FANUC Handy File and FANUC
Floppy Cassette use floppy disks as their input/output medium, and the
FANUC FA Card uses an FA card as its input/output medium.
In this manual, these input/output medium is generally referred to as a
floppy. However, when the description of one input/output medium
varies from the description of another, the name of the input/output
medium is used. In the text below, a floppy represents a floppy disk or
FA card.
Unlike an NC tape, a floppy allows the user to freely choose from several
types of data stored on one medium on a file–by–file basis.
Input/output is possible with data extending over more than one floppy
The unit of data, which is input/output between the floppy and the CNC
by one input/output operation (pressing the VREADW or VPUNCHW
key), is called a HfileI. When inputting CNC programs from, or
outputting them to the floppy, for example, one or all programs within the
CNC memory are handled as one file.
Files are assigned automatically file numbers 1,2,3,4 and so on, with the
lead file as 1.
File 1
File n
BlankFile 2 File 3
When one file has been entered over two floppies, LEDs on the adaptor
flash alternately on completion of data input/output between the first
floppy and the CNC, prompting floppy replacement. In this case, take the
first floppy out of the adaptor and insert a second floppy in its place. Then,
data input/output will continue automatically.
Floppy replacement is prompted when the second floppy and later is
required during file search–out, data input/output between the CNC and
the floppy, or file deletion.
Floppy 1
File 1 File 2 File 3 File (k–1)
File k
Floppy 2
Continuation of
file k
File (k+1) File n Blank
Since floppy replacement is processed by the input/output device, no
special operation is required. The CNC will interrupt data input/output
operation until the next floppy is inserted into the adaptor.
When reset operation is applied to the CNC during a request for floppy
replacement, the CNC is not reset at once, but reset after the floppy has
been replaced.
D What is a File
D Request for floppy

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