FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

If [F SET] or [O SET] is pressed without key inputting file number and
program number, file number or program number shows blank. When
0 is entered for file numbers or program numbers, 1 is displayed.
To use channel 0 ,set a device number in parameter (No. 102).
Set the I/O device number to parameter (No. 112) when cannel 1 is used.
Set it to (No. 0122) when channel 2 is used.
For the numeral input in the data input area with FILE NO. and
PROGRAM NO., only lower 4 digits become valid.
When the data protection key on the machine operators panel
is ON, no programs are read from the floppy. They are verified against
the contents of the memory of the CNC instead.
Alarm No. Contents
An invalid file number or program number was entered.
(Specified program number is not found.)
Verification operation found a mismatch between a program
loaded into memory and the contents of the floppy
The dataset–ready signal (DR) for the input/output device is
turned off. (The no file error or duplicate file error occurred on
the input/output device because an invalid file number, pro-
gram number, or file name was entered.
D Inputting file numbers
and program numbers
with keys
D I/O devices
D Significant
D Collation

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